Friday, May 05, 2006

Hits RX

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

5 Power Tips To Double Your Online Sales - Traffic-Building

5 Power Tips To Double Your Online Sales - Traffic-Building: "'How Can I Double My Sales?' - that must be the silent prayer of thousands of webmasters.
There are two ways to do it: you can either double your traffic or you can double your conversion rate.
Let's say you have a conversion rate of 2% (1 sale for every 50 visitors) and you get 100 visitors a day - you're getting 2 sales a day. You could get 4 sales a day by increasing your traffic to 200 visitors a day.
But you can get the same result - with your existing traffic - by doubling your conversion rate (2 sales for every 50 visitors).
Here are 5 ways to double your conversion rate:"

How To Generate Loads Of Free Traffic To Your Website - Traffic-Building

How To Generate Loads Of Free Traffic To Your Website - Traffic-Building: "One of the most popular ways to generate free traffic to your website these days is to use a free traffic exchange service.
A traffic exhange is website service that enables you to view someones website, and others in turn view yours. You earn credits when you view someones site,
and you use those credits to have others view your site.
Internet marketers would like to know how to bring traffic to their
websites quickly, without spending any money. Traffic exchanges can
accomplish this.
The greatest benefit comes in when you sign up others and receive
traffic from their efforts."

How to Build a Website that Get Free Traffic - Traffic-Building

How to Build a Website that Get Free Traffic - Traffic-Building: "How to get FREE traffic and vistors to your website without spending advertising cost? The answer is to get good search engine ranking. But how to get your keywords ranked high? Here is the process you can follow for every web page:
Step 1: Choose your topic
You can get ideas from all sorts of places: books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters,your competitors' web sites...
Step 2: Keyword research
This is the step newcomers to Internet marketing often miss out. Before you write a single word, you need to find out what words people are typing into search engines."

Utilize Those Traffic Exchanges. - Traffic-Building

Utilize Those Traffic Exchanges. - Traffic-Building: "I`ve had people come to me and say 'Traffic Exchanges are useless, and I don`t have time to click anyway', or they`ll say 'There are too many of them, and I find it all overwhelming'

Here`s what I say: Ok, the traffic may not be 100% targeted visitors, but somebody, somewhere just MIGHT like your product, affiliate program, salespage etc.

The more traffic you get, the more likely you are to actually find those people. First of all, whatever you do, don`t just jump onto any old traffic exchange, read it thoroughly, make sure you get at LEAST a 2:1 credit ratio, which basically means: you visit 2 websites, in exchange for one visitor to YOUR chosen website.

Next, join 4 or 5 good traffic exchanges,. Read everything you can about using the program, so you know you won`t be breaking the rules."

How to Cheat Traffic Exchanges - Traffic-Building

How to Cheat Traffic Exchanges - Traffic-Building: "There are many ways to cheat traffic exchanges and generate massive numbers of hits to your website. Some are complex and some are simple. Below is a list of some of the more popular methods of cheating.
Give yourself a point for each method of cheating that you already employ and then rate yourself on our cheat-o-meter.
-- Opening the same exchange in several windows to generate multiple hits at a time.
-- Insert the Start URL from one exchange into the Target URL from another.
-- Open multiple windows and minimise them until just the 'Next Page' link is showing. Click away.
-- Use a custom browser (eg - Crazy Browser) to 'auto-click' through exchange programs so it generates hits while you watch Jerry Springer."

How To Increase Your Website Traffic With Zero Cost - Traffic-Building

How To Increase Your Website Traffic With Zero Cost - Traffic-Building: "How to increase your website traffic with zero cost'. It's a bold statement don't you think. But, believe me it's true. You can increase your traffic by 1000% with no cost involved if you do it the right way. Continue reading if you want to know how.
I've outlined 5 ways to reach your target. But, please keep in mind that these are not the only ways that you can do to increase your traffic. There are hundreds of techniques to increase traffic. But these one are the proven one. I've used it personally. More importantly, these techniques can get you FREE traffic. You're money is saved in your pocket. Let's go to the first one.
Technique #1: Linking strategy
Linking strategy is the easiest way to get free traffic. When I say 'the easiest way' it does not mean that you can ask everybody to link to your site and do nothing after that. Compared to other techniques that you'll discover, this one will take less time to do."

Traffic Secrets - Secrets of the Guaranteed Traffic Companies Exposed - Traffic-Building

Traffic Secrets - Secrets of the Guaranteed Traffic Companies Exposed - Traffic-Building: "

Our Story
A few years ago, we were struggling to drive traffic to one of our websites. We were immediately overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge and skill it took to successfully drive traffic to our site. We had assumed that if we created a site that was worth seeing, it would be seen. We could not have been more wrong.
We ran into a number of companies who offered to take over this daunting task for us. We decided to try out a number of them to see how our competition stacks up.
They offered many packages of visitors. I remember my first purchase. I bought 5,000 targeted hits from them for $10. My product cost $15 at the time, so I figured at least 1 person out of 10,000 would purchase. The days went by, and my counter went crazy. "